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Essentials for Mountaineering


Mountain Sun Valley Treks & Expeditions, one of the most prominent travel/trekking agencies in Nepal, welcomes you to explore the mysteries of the Himalaya. Mountain Sun Valley was established by a group of experienced trekking and mountaineering professionals and is approved by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. We are specialists in handling tours, treks, and expeditions in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Mount Kailash, and Bhutan. We are a group of passionate travel professionals with many years of accumulated experience in the travel trade, organizing and leading groups throughout Nepal. We take great pride in serving our customers to their utmost satisfaction. We are committed to conserving Nepal's natural environment thus giving you the opportunity to experience the remote beauty of our country.

Peak climbing and mountaineering expeditions are a serious commitment and every climber should prepare for it in advance. Peak climbing in Nepal is an exciting adventure that takes you to the top of the pristine snow-capped mountains. The preparations regarding climbing are not limited to checking travel itineraries and physical training. Finding the right Climbing Gear and Mountaineering Equipment is equally important as well.

We have compiled a list of essential gears and Mountaineering equipment needed for rock climbing and mountain peak expedition. Frequent climbers and veteran mountaineers will be quite familiar with these gears. Beginners in peak climbing will find this information quite handy to kick start their expedition.

Some of the equipment listed below are common in rock climbing and indoor rock climbing. The other Mountaineering equipment regularly feature in climbing snowy mountain peaks and ice climbing. Climbers need to familiarize themselves with these gears before they start their ascent to the summit.

The climbing gears and equipment list are as follows.


             1. Rucksack with rain cover (80+ Ltr). Qty - 1

             2. Day pack (30 – 45 Ltr) – Recommended for summit day. Qty – 1

3. Head Torch with spare batteries. Qty - 1

4. U V protection sunglasses. Qty -1

5. Water Bottles: 2 bottles of 1 litre each


1. Trekking shoes with ankle support. Qty – 1

2. Pair of lightweight Slipper/Sandals/Crocs. Qty -1

3. Socks. Qty – 5 to 6 pairs


1. Windproof Jacket. Qty -1

2. Windproof trek pants. Qty – 1

3. Down Jacket. Qty – 1

4. Down trek pants. Qty – 1

5. Full sleeves T-shirts/ Sweatshirts. 1 for every 2 days of trekking

6. Quick Dry Warm lower or Trek Pants. Qty – 2

7. Pair of thick woollen socks. 1 pair for every two days of trekking. 

8. Thermal Body warmer Upper & Lower. Qty-1

9. Undergarments. Qty – 5-6 pairs.

10. Woollen cap. Qty-1

11. Sun-shielding Hat. Qty -1

12. Mountaineering gloves with removable liners. Qty – 1

13. Neck gaiter or Fleece Buff (Optional)

14. Neoprene Face Mask (Optional)


1. Personal toiletries kit (Small Towel, Toilet paper, paper soap, Bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cold cream, etc.)

2. Sunscreen lotion small pack. Qty -1

3. Lip Balm small pack. Qty-1

4. Moist wipes


1. Mesh Tin. Qty-1

2. Spoon. Qty-1

3. Tea/Coffee Aluminium Mug.Qty-1

4. Thermos flask


1. Snow goggles

2. ID card with photocopies

3. Pocket knife/Leatherman/multi-toolkit

4. Collapsible trekking poles (Optional)

5. Chemical hand and toe warmers for summit day (optional)

6. Power Bank and Solar panel (Optional)

7. Steripen (Optional)

8. Camera (Optional)

9. Carry your medicines in plenty in case you have any specific ailment. Consult your doctor before joining the trek.

10. Dry fruits, Nuts, Chocolate bars (Optional)

11. Notebook and reading book (Optional)


Why People Go Kailash Mansarovar Yatra ?

Key Points on Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra:

  • Mt Kailash - 6638m                                            Mansarovar Lake - 4590m
  • Difficulty - Medium to Hard                              Duration - 11 to 15 days
  • Age limit - 18 to 70 years                                  Best Time - Mid May to Mid Oct
  • Routes - Nepal, Tibetian, China or India         Located in - Nepal
  • Price - 1.6 lakhs to 3 lakhs                               Max altitude - 4890 m     

Why do people go kailash yatra is because of the belief that one trip around sacred Mt Kailash or the Lake Mansarovar will erase the sins from one's life what attracts travellers who follow hindu religion. Jains, Bon and Buddhist have equal share on the believe that their god resides on Kailash. The shape of Kailash seems like pyramid to easter people where in Asia, specially for hindus, it is the symbol of navel of universe and Lake Mansarovar is the symbol of creation. The holy mountain is forbidden for climbing and it's prikrama is performed in persuit of salvation. The challenging trails, streams, rocks and snowy path demands human physical endurance thus, few are able to do the 3 days long round trip of the base of mountain.  

Lake Mansarovar: At an elevation of 4510m is significance for Hindus for bathing; believed to cleanse the sins and redeem to attain salvation. Near this lake there is another lake Rakshas Tal, the ‘Demon Lake’.

The hardship of the tour and the fruits of salvation it bears gives people enough fuels to visit this beautiful landscape of religious belief.