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Adventure Activities In Nepal can be best choice for Nepal travelers Nepal is honored as one of the best adventure destinations in the world. Nepal’s geography packs an extremely varied landscape into a small area. The immense contrasts in altitude and climates found here support a spectacular mix of lifestyles, vegetation and wildlife. Nepal is probably the only country in the world where you can climb the highest mountains in the world. Trek in the scenic countryside with the icy pinnacles always in the background as well as enjoy Jungle safari in forests, considered to be the densest in the entire South Asian region.


Trekking in Nepal is the real adventure of a long walking journey with heartwarming experiences of the best natural landscape in the world. Nepal is often believed to be the ultimate destination for trekking adventures and the belief is true. Nepal covers a major portion of the Himalayan region with soaring mountain peaks covered in snow.

Peak Climbing and Mountain Expedition:

Peak climbing in Nepal is next challenging adventure and popular among the mountaineers from all over the world. Nepal has eight of the total fourteen highest peaks over 8000 meters in the world.

Everest Mountain Flight:

If you want to see Everest and the other Himalayan peaks, but you don’t fancy trekking, there is another way. You can book an Everest Mountain Flight and see the giants from the air. You’ll spend an hour in the air, soaring past the peaks of the world’s tallest mountain range, with the pilot and crew.

Yoga and Spiritual retreats:

Yoga retreats in Nepal are unique and they are a perfect holiday type for those people who want to get immersed in peace and get relaxed. Spiritual tours in Nepal will get attached to you even after your holidays end because the things you learn from these yoga classes inspire you to take these teachings with you back home. Besides adventurous things to do in Nepal, gaining authentic knowledge of ancient yoga practices is one of the top things to do in Nepal.

Explore Pokhara:

Pokhara attracts explorers, nature lovers and adrenaline junkies with its spectacular natural beauty, an array of fishing opportunities, mountain biking, paragliding and sunbathing. It is one of those destinations that you certainly wish to visit for the second time in your life. Boating and strolling down the lakeside in Pokhara is definitely two of the top things to do in Pokhara.


Rafting is also one of the best way of exploring Nepal, as it takes you through hamlets, canynons, virgin forests, and wildlife.

Jungle Safari:

Nepal's Terai region is filled with varieties of animals, birds, flora and fauna. A venture into the lush green forest on Elephant's back, crossing rivers and swamps will give an opportunity to encounter rare animals and birds as well.

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sightseeing

Nepal has pride for its serene natural beauty and also for the man-made cultural heritage dating to thousands of years back. In regards to cultural heritage, there are total eight UNESCO World heritages in Nepal. World heritage sites tour in Nepal takes you to explore the royal courtyards, water spouts, temples, stupas with observing Lichhavi and Malla era arts, architecture and sculpture works in those hypnotizing statues of various deities.

Active Adventures and Exciting Day Tours

Adventure tours in Nepal also include a variety of breathtaking activities like Bungee jumping, rafting, paragliding, cano eing, rock climbing, mountain biking, abseiling and canyoning are some of the popular active adventure day tours in Nepal. Adventure travel in Nepal gives you an opportunity for an exciting short day tour and is also among the top things to do in Nepal with family.

Mountain Sun Valley Treks & Expeditions offer multiple choices on adventure holidays that includes Trekking in Nepal, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Trek, Langtang Trek, Manaslu Trek, Best Trek in Nepal, Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp, as well as Peak Climbing in Nepal. We help our clients in providing the essentials for mountaineering, trekking permit as well Nepal Visa.

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